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Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business, yet it is often overlooked until something breaks. We take a proactive approach to ensuring you are running efficiently and securely to avoid costly down time. From quick questions to upgrades we can handle every aspect of your technology needs. 

Security & Compliance

Cyber breaches are at an all time high and costing businesses across the US billions of dollars daily. Allow us to help secure your data and equipment with top of the line Anti-Virus, DNS protection, and system monitoring.

Monitoring & Maintenance

With 24/7 Network and Endpoint Monitoring we are able to stay ahead of issues ensuring your equipment is running at peak performance. With our proactive maintenance program our technicians can monitor, manage and maintain your updates, hardware status and data usage to prolong the life of your Hardware. With regularly scheduled updates and system cleanups we are able to keep your technology running efficiently around the clock, reducing downtime and repair costs. 

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Failure to serve your customers due to loss of files and important applications is detrimental to your business. It will cost you time, money, and customers.  Our backup solutions allow you to access them when and where you need them. Our Disaster Recovery solutions allow you to quickly get back up and running should anything happen to your critical equipment with full image backups making it seem as though you hadn’t skipped a beat. 

Technical Support

When you can’t seem to get the printer to work or the accountant is unable to access their files it slows down business and costs you money. We understand how frustrating the day to day issues and major malfunctions caused by technology are and we want to help you alleviate the DogGone stress. With Online Ticketing, Remote Support, OnSite Technicians and our Self Help Troubleshooting guides we can keep your team spend more time working and less time fighting with faulty equipment. 

Business Solutions

From enterprise grade business tools to vCIO services our business solutions can help increase your efficiency and allow you to focus on your customers and staff. Our Unified Communications Software, Exchange Email Services and other Software solutions make sure your employees have the tools they need to get the job done while our personalized solutions such as Dedicated Intranet Access and Company Training Modules you can know they are getting it done correctly. Our professional services such as Executive Reporting and Documentation help take some of the day to day stress off your shoulders.

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