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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensure business resiliency by protecting your data and ensuring it is available when you need it. With our Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans we can quickly recover and restore your data in the event of a disruption or a disaster. We offer 3 levels of protection to meet your security and compliance requirements.

File & Folder Backup with Remote Access

Continuous file and folder backup protects business documents against ever-present threats such as human error, hardware failure, ransomware, and lost or stolen devices. With the ability to backup over any Internet connection, it protects user’s valuable business data wherever they are, protecting against accidental deletion and ensuring corrupted data can be recovered. This backup solution is perfect for everyone in the office as it offers the flexibility of easy access with the redundancy of off site backup. Available for Desktops, Laptops & Servers.

Image Based Backup

Our Cloud Continuity ensures complete protection from everyday forms of data loss, including ransomware, accidental deletions, hardware failure, and lost or stolen devices. This reliable, image-based, all-in-one solution provides backup direct to a secure Cloud, with multiple layers of recovery capabilities including Bare Metal Restore and File/Folder Recovery. In the event of a lost data we can get you back up and running, exactly as you had been before including files, installed software and saved system settings. This backup method is ideal for legacy systems that require older versions of Windows or Software that is at end of life as it preserves that data. Available for Desktops & Laptops.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Device

For businesses wanting the ultimate in Data Security a Complete Image Backup with Disaster Recovery Device goes beyond simply recovering data, our business continuity device saves businesses by keeping you online in the face of otherwise devastating issues like ransomware, natural disasters, and costly human errors. Our BCDR are up to spec with all current compliance and cyber insurance requirements. With the ability to immediately get back up and running our Disaster Recovery services help you reduce disaster costs and avoid system downtime when it matters most. Covers any networked Desktops, Laptops & Servers up to storage threshold.

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