Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Monitoring & Maintenance

Our Endpoint Protection package is designed to keep your devices running efficiently. We focus on 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring & Management to ensure that your systems are running, updated and secure. We ensure that your operating system and all necessary business software is updated, your security software and settings are online and functioning, that any errors or alerts are handled ASAP, and that all hardware is performing as expected.

Endpoint Protection

Cyber Security

Digital Security is not just anti-virus. New cyberattacks have become more dangerous by infiltrating a combination of vulnerabilities, making a single point of protection inadequate in stopping each attack. A Multi-Vector Security strategy from DogGone IT will protect your business on several fronts. We leverage redundant layers of advanced techniques to successfully stop breaches throughout the entire threat lifecycle that defend you against the latest threats including endpoint security, perimeter security, email security, internet security, intrusion prevention systems, cybersecurity awareness training, and more. Using Network Assessments, Internet & DNS Filtering, Intrusion Testing, Endpoint Monitoring, Email Security, Security Awareness Training, User Policies and more our goal is to help keep your network, data and equipment safe and secure. 

Endpoint Protection

Technical Support

We know accidents happen and sometimes things just don’t work like they should. We also understand that when you’re down it is costing you money and waiting around for support isn’t pleasant. Our goal is to make you feel like you have an in house IT team, even if you do not, with our On-Site and Remote Support Services our team can handle issues as they come up ensuring you are online and able to work. Our technicians are all trained to service all of the products and software we support, so you will not need to speak to multiple levels of tech support. We work only with well vetted vendors who have a track record of success stories.  We include regular maintenance in our Pack Membership Plans because we know that a well cared for machine is less likely to cause a need for additional service visits in the future. 

Onsite Business Review  Bi-Annually YES
Enterprise Grade Business Tools 24x7x365 YES
Discounted Labor Rates As Needed YES
Ticketing Portal 24x7x365 YES
End-User Training Program 24x7x365 Via Portal YES
Troubleshoot Operating System Not Working As Needed YES
Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Not Working As Needed YES
Troubleshoot Anti-Virus Not Working As Needed YES
Troubleshoot Hardware Issues (3) As Needed YES
Hard Drive Clean-up (Remove Temp & Unnecessary Files) As Needed YES
Warranty Claim Processing (3) As Needed YES
Microsoft Patch Management (Service Packs & Updates) As Needed YES
Update Approved 3rd Party Applications (Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, PDF Creator, Java, 7-Zip) As Needed YES
Update Approved Business Software (3) As Needed YES
Monitor Anti-Virus Running & Protection Enabled 24x7x365 YES
Monitor Anti-Virus Definitions +Updating Correctly 24x7x365 YES
Monitor Anti-Malware Running & Protection Enabled 24x7x365 YES
Monitor Anti-Malware Definitions Updating Correctly 24x7x365 YES
Monitor Hard Disk Health + Space & Defrag if Necessary 24x7x365 YES
Monitor High CPU Usage 24x7x365 YES
Monitor Security and Event Logs 24x7x365 YES
Roll out our Best Practice Security Policies On-Going YES
Monitor Server and Computer Backups (1) 24x7x365 YES
Troubleshoot Server and Computer Backup Failures (1) As Needed YES
Manual Test Restore & Report of All Approved Backups (1) Bi-Annually YES
Troubleshoot Printer Issues (4) As Needed YES
Clear & Reset Printer Queues (4) As Needed YES
Troubleshoot Networked UPS/IoT Device (4) As Needed YES
Troubleshoot Internet Service Provider Issues & Outages As Needed YES
Troubleshoot Managed Network Switch Issues As Needed YES
Troubleshoot Managed Wi-Fi Access Point Issues As Needed YES
Troubleshoot Managed Firewall/Router Issues As Needed YES
Firewall Security Audit and Adjustment Monthly YES
Monitor Network Switches Operations & Availability 24x7x365 YES
Monitor Wi-Fi Access Points Operations & Availability 24x7x365 YES
Monitor Router Operations & Availability 24x7x365 YES
Monitor Firewall Operations & Availability 24x7x365 YES
Warranty Claim Processing (3) As Needed YES

(1) Only applies to when subscribed to the applicable Backup Packages
(2) This assumes that you already have the back-end systems and company-wide configurations all setup and configured for this product. If you don’t, then We will discuss with You the scope of any potential Project and send You a separate Proposal for your review.
(3) As you can appreciate, it’s hard to build a profitable and sustainable business offering “Unlimited Support” at a reasonable price for items that we didn’t recommend, sell and install.
As such, if the Hardware or Software we are troubleshooting was not purchased from us and/or the device is not currently covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty, a care pack or a maintenance agreement, then it is in Our sole discretion as to whether We will cover this work under the Scope of this Agreement or set it as Billable Out of Scope work.
(4) When the Networked Printer, UPS or IoT device is added to Networking Package

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